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Mosquitoes are scientifically proved to be the deadliest creatures on earth, killing millions around the world annually.


Mosquitoes are the silent assassins of the insect world. They move around quietly, usually under the cover of darkness, delivering their kiss of death to unsuspecting victims. They are so adept at what they do that most of their victims don’t even know they have been bitten. So how can you make sure that you are not next?


Control on mosquitoes:

Larvaciding is one of the most efficient ways of providing a safe environment. Understanding their life cycle and habitat, we are able to treat them at the right place, and right time.


Mist blowing is an eco-friendly alternative for mosquito control. Essentially, mist blowing is the dispersing of a thin mist of eco-friendly products across a large space and the tiny droplets adhere very well to the vegetation. Another plus point is the products used are very hardy and will not break down easily in extreme weather conditions.


A lesser known fact about mozzies is that both male and female feed on plant sap, and as a result, will come in very close contact with the droplets of product used.


So if you have a problem with mosquitoes or midges’s, call Pestworx. With over 25 years of technical expertise in the pest industry, be assured you’re in safe hands with Pestworx.


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