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Cockroaches have been around for over 350 million years, and have been known to be able to survive nuclear attacks and radiation. Whenever the cockroach senses unusual vibrations in the air or ground, its legs instantly start running even before the brain receives the signal. Also a single pair can breed up to 2 million cockroaches per year.


Why cockroaches are pests:

They spread disease via bacteria on their bodies and they can cause allergic reactions in humans by their excrements and malted skins. They populate very quickly, are able to squeeze into the smallest cracks and crevices, and are able to survive 20 days without food and 14 days without water.


Control of cockroaches:

There are many ways to control cockroach infestations in your home. One method is by baiting them with a gel based product and also using a broad based spray around skirting boards – these treatments have a long residual effect which will continue working in your home for up to 12 months.


Just remember, if you see one cockroach, there are most likely more than 30 nearby. So before you have a problem with Cockroaches, call Pestworx. With over 25 years technical expertise in the pest industry, be assured you’re in safe hands with Pestworx.


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