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Termite Protection for Builders

Pre-construction - Complete peace of mind

Pestworx has over 30 years experience in supplying and installing pre-construction termite barriers. 

Physical Termite Barriers


Trithor is designed and tested in Australia to suit Australian conditions and to protect against the voracious termites native to Australia. Trithor is made by Ensystex, a family owned international company with many years specialisation in termite management solutions.

Trithor is ideal for use in sensitive environments and in allergy free housing. Impregnated deltamethrin remains safely locked up within Trithor’s blanket fibres and does not get into the environment. 


Novithor chemical-free termite system

The NOVITHOR Pesticide Free Termite Protection System can be used during the construction phase, as well as post construction.

All three elements work by creating an impregnable barrier that termites cannot chew through or damage, and that is resistant to their secretions. In fact, NOVITHOR Termite Proofing Resin and NOVITHOR Termite Proof Cementitious Parge are granite-like when set.

The NOVITHOR System provides eco-friendly, cost effective and pesticide free protection from termites. Once applied, the NOVITHOR Pesticide Free Termite Protection System is not an eye sore on the completed structure; indeed the finished barrier is invisible to the naked eye.

Ensystex are able to confirm its presence through analytical methods to ensure Quality Control at installations.



Australia’s most effective and enduring subterranean termite protection system starts from day one, at the building’s foundations. FMC Australasia’s HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System is more than a physical barrier that keeps subterranean termites out. It is also scientifically proven to repel and kill subterranean termites that come too close… today, tomorrow and for the lifetime of your home.

In fact HomeGuard is so effective, it is included among FMC’s exclusive range of Eflex termite management solutions, which are covered by industry’s only Million Dollar Manufacturer’s Warranty.

And the best news is, while it may be deadly to subterranean termites, HomeGuard is safe for your family, pets and the environment.

This makes HomeGuard the preferred choice for many of Australia’s leading builders. You’ll be pleased you built with HomeGuard too.


JH Termite Protection Barrier

JH Barrier is an environmentally friendly Subterranean Termite Protection System for new buildings. The JH system is able to be used with confidence for its intended use as a Pre-Construction Termite Protection Barrier for domestic and commercial building projects.

JH Barrier is a combined physical and chemical termite barrier designed for the pre-treatment of building structures to prevent the concealed entry of subterranean termites.

JH Barrier is only available to trained, accredited and certified JH installers.


Termite Reticulation Systems


Termguard offers three key systems options to builders, all fully installed, charged with termiticide and warranted for the life of the building.

The Termguard Reticulation Systems have been extensively tested and successfully used over the past two decades, and have been specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention systems.

Together with today’s environmentally acceptable termite control agents, Termguard’s termite reticulation systems have been the perfect partner to provide an effective replenishable barrier, yet minimise the total impact of the Environment.




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