Termite and Pest Protection

Termite Security for Home Owners

Post-Construction - Ensuring continual protection

Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems


Your EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System is there to protect you from the invasion of termites, continually.

EXTERRA Stations are placed around your property to intercept termites. Once intercepted, REQUIEM™ Termite Bait is added to the large EXTERRA Station. The termites feed on the Requiem and the colony is eliminated easily and quickly, right at the point of termite attack.

The elite EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System, with its unique Termite Interception Zone encircling your home is THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around your home.

This complete and continuous zone is created by using our patented Focus Termite Attractant™ in each Station so termites are intercepted before they reach your home.


Xterm™ is the latest termite baiting system on the market, designed to protect your home, your family and the environment.  Xterm™ provides:

  • Complete colony control - eliminates termites from your home
  • Smart component design - cleaner, neater installation
  • Minimal disruption - No need to leave home during installation
  • Excellent safety profile – children and pet friendly
  • Environmentally smart – Xterm™ only targets termites avoiding excessive insecticide use
  • High quality and durable – designed to last for many years
  • Developed by Sumitomo Chemical Company, the leaders in household pest control – protect your home with confidence

Chemical Termite Barriers


Termites are increasingly causing major structural damage to buildings throughout Australia and striking fear into the hearts of homeowners.

Attacking in large numbers, termites can feed to the point of leaving only a thin timber veneer, and this can happen in a matter of months. With the home so often the major family asset, and termite infestation being essentially uninsurable, homeowners are desperately seeking reliable protection against termites.

In 2002, after many years of patient research, the solution finally arrived...Termidor.

Termidor has delivered unparalleled termite control since it was first introduced onto the Australian market. BASF has recently announced the keenly awaited label extension for Termidor to control nuisance ants.

Termite Reticulation Systems


The Termguard Reticulation Systems have been extensively tested and successfully used over the past two decades, and have been specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention systems.

Together with today’s environmentally acceptable termite control agents, Termguard’s termite reticulation systems have been the perfect partner to provide an effective replenishable barrier, yet minimise the total impact of the Environment.


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