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Flies have been depicted in literature as the bringer of death and decay. The fly is the scourge of the insect army, transporting more dangerous pathogens than probably any other insect. They reproduce with ruthless efficiency and a generation of flies (egg to adult) only takes 12-14 days.


Highly adapted for flying and bestowed with legendary reflexes, the fly in certainly a formidable foe. The fly is also known to spread many diseased including E.coli, salmonella, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis and anthrax.


Control of flies:

There are different ways to control flies including fly traps, fly control light traps and also spraying with an insecticide treatment.


So if you have a problem with flies in and around areas like cafes, restaurants, stables, etc, call Pestworx. With over 25 years of technical expertise in the pest industry, be assured you’re in safe hands with Pestworx.


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