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Scientists estimate that there are 1-5 million ants for every single human being on earth. They are also able to carry 50 times their body weight and work together well in their complex societies. They have powerful jaws, but very poor eyesight.


Why are ants pests?

They spoil your food, they colonise in your wall cavities and they even bite when they crawl on your skin.


How ants cause trouble around your house:

Ants can take control of your house in many different ways.

They detect the slightest smell of sweetness and, before you know it, they are already feeding on your food. They can also create mounds in your yard, which can be difficult to eliminate.


Control of ants:

There are many ways to control ant infestations in and around your home.

One method is by baiting the ants with processed foods which contain orthoboric acid, abamectin or fipronil. Using this method, lured ants will be eliminated. This can be followed up by treating their nests with dust insecticides that will wipe out the colony. However, treatment of nests should be repeated on a regular basis.

It is also important to keep the home clean at all times and the food stored securely so the ants will no longer find a reason to return.


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